Your journey to recovery,
custom-planned for YOU.

Complete treatment
process management.

Your journey to recovery,
custom-planned for YOU.

Complete treatment
process management.

Why consider a recovery journey in Cape Town

Over the last 20+ years Cape Town has become a popular recovery destination. What does this mean?  It means that people, local and international, have been joining 1000s of fellow members of different walks of life who struggle with mental health related challenges and choose to walk the road to recovering via one of the many top-class recovery centres and programmes. 


Mostly people struggling with any form of substance abuse are helped, but any mental health issue can be helped.

Cape Town is currently one of the top 10 powerhouse cities in the world when it comes to the private health sector’s hospitalisation and rehabilitation including outpatient treatment. The available qualified therapists and wide range of therapies and support groups lends itself perfectly to tailor-fit a programme to an individual. With the Rand being so weak against the Dollar, Euro and Pound for the last, 10 years, this has created a massive market for international clients to escape their geographical mental health triggering pitfalls, having a LONG minute to recoup and reboot, finding themselves, their love and their loved ones again through psychoeducation, new hobbies, new learnt skills, activities, with a list various treatment programmes to suit their need. Cape Town has 100s of different types of support groups, programmes, in-house, primary, secondary, tertiary and halfway house facilities at a fraction of the cost that you might pay going for treatment anywhere else in the world.

The benefits of using a treatment process manager

The patient and the loved ones involved are already experiencing emotional stress. We will take care of all arrangements including a care-companion if need be, flights, transport, treatments – everything – from A to Z. An end-to-end roadmap back to health. 

The benefits of using an experience treatment process facilitator:

  1. The peace of mind you need.
  2. Less administration and arrangements for you to handle.
  3. Access to the best combination of the best care possible.
  4. The knowledge that safety is never compromised.
  5. 24/7 access to help, care and facilitation between the patient and the treatment centre and/or other therapists.
  6. No more late nights, stress, worry or fear of “that last phone call”.
  7. A typically higher success rate.
  8. We are with the patient every single step of the way. They are never alone.
  9. We pride ourselves that we include the process of continued learning, studies or upskilling, even assistance with job seeking etc into our programme.
  10. It is our passion to walk this journey with the person until they are back in the world, healthy, happy and fully functional.

What next & our process

Once you have reached out to us, either by completing the enquiry form below or via any other of our contact methods we will reach out via your preferred method of contact to set up a discovery video call.

During the call we will discuss and assess what’s needed for you or your loved one. We also discuss and explain the terms and conditions and discuss possible time frames and  programme requirements.


We will (very quickly, because we understand that time is of the essence) put together a suggested treatment roadmap and a cost layout. Then set up a call to work through the plan with you and get going! 

Once all of the above mentioned is established, we will take charge of you or your loved one completely and indefinitely until we have a healthy person, completely on their own feet, home, safe and sound, or…whatever way and wherever the next chapter of life will be written.

1. Get in Touch

If you are the patient or a concerned loved one, getting in touch with us is the 1st step towards a brighter, healthier life.

2. Facilitator sets up a video consult

We will arrange a video call with you and/or the loved ones involved to discuss the situation and the requirements.

3. Draw up basic program

Now it is our turn to put together a custom-planned programme to carve the road to successful healing.

4. Discuss the formulated plan

Work through the plan with you via a video call and get your buy-in.

5. Process 1st payment

Payment is processed to kickstart the programme.

6. Programme starts

…when the patient enters detox or is received by one of our facilitation centres abroad, if relevant. Next the patient boards a flight to SA and is received by one of our team members.

7. In-patient treatment

If a period of in-patient treatment is required as part of the programme. Your facilitator is there to ensure that you get the right and the best treatment.

8. Upskilling

If required or desired the patient can enrol in studies or learning programmes to obtain new skills to ready them for their new life.

9. Reintroduction into society

Ready world?! Whatever the right next step will be, we are there to help with the re-entering into society as a healthy, happy person!

Not all steps in this process will necessarily apply to all individuals. The purpose of this simplistic outline is to visually provide a picture of the thorough, complex, yet fluid, program that we facilitate according to each individual’s specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is international rehab facilitation in Cape Town?

The entire process of going to another country for the loved ones and the patient can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, look no further. Geographic changes as the term “People, Places and Things” – can be quite a trigger based on old neurological familiarities it can be a game changer to come to Cape Town.

International Rehab Facilitation means that your entire process is simplified and specialised in order to set the minds and concerns of the patient and the loved ones at ease. This includes: Flights, Chaperoning (Pick-up and Drop and Go at Airports), Coaching, Counselling, Helping the Patient settle and to be on-call 24/7 in case of any emergencies or needs that need to be met.


How can I enrol in Cape Town rehab for international patients?

Email us now at or call (whatsapp call) +27829760806 / add your contact details in the CONTACT US section and we can arrange a call back for you.


What makes cape town an ideal destination for rehab?

Cape Town (South Africa) has been rated one of the top 10 most amazing cities in the world with an orgasmic beauty with a luring feel to it that stands out as the recovery hub of S.A and the world. This includes, treatment centres, halfway houses (step down facilities) and exorbitant amounts of support groups and friends and tourists. (Don’t believe the bad publicity you hear on the news!)


Are there language assistance services for international patients?

Yes, definitely. South Africa is a multicultural melting pot of languages and cultures including a mix bag of international clients and tourists. If a translator is required we can definitely look into it.


What are the costs for international rehab in Cape Town?

This all depends on what kind of treatment you are looking for, but costing is a fraction of what it costs to go to treatment in the U.S.A; U.K and other E.U countries. This can differ between 5000 – 1000 dollars per month (primary care) to $2000 – $4000  for secondary, tertiary and step down facilities (terms and conditions apply).


What are the payment options for international rehab in Cape Town?

Payment options can differ or vary from paying us directly and we facilitate the entire process or us putting YOU in direct contact with the treatment centre to deal with them directly in terms of price and costing with potential discounts working through us.


What treatments are available at drug rehab Cape Town?

We try to incorporate a tailor made program for each client that is suitable for their needs. However our primary goal is to get them a better way of life, give them and their loved ones their lives back. We work closely with the american society of addiction medicine (ASAM) model, minnesota and disease model. However based on our tailor made outlook on addiction and dual disorders (depression, mental health challenges, trauma, anxiety, ADHD) we are very open to Harm Reduction Models that deems fit for the client and their families.

Abstinence is the Gold Standard of Recovery. However sometimes this takes time. We try to look at treatment more like a model of eclecticism. 


How effective are rehabilitation centres in Cape Town for drugs?

Rehabilitation is not a quick fix, it takes time. Integration is an instrumental and vital part of our process which makes us stand out from the rest. The revolving door or treatment and treatment facilities is unfortunately as the word describes something that can become recurrent. This is NOT how we try and operate. We want our clients to never come back for treatment!

However this is not a 100% success rate and anybody telling you that is lying! Relapse is part of the process and we try and resolve this while the patient is in treatment and not back home… hence our massive focus on re-integration which makes us stand out from the rest.


Can you recommend alcohol rehab centres in Cape Town?

As experienced rehabilitation facilitators we will find the best facility for you and ensure a custom-fit overall programme. Change your life today, get in touch by completely the enquiry form below.


(Just a glimpse of one of our go-to facilities)

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